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How to Renew Accounts

If your school purchases EHR Tutor using school or grant money, please contact your instructor to renew your account. 

If your school has you purchase EHR Tutor directly through our website or through your bookstore, follow the directions below.

Log in to EHR Tutor and click your name in the top right corner. That will open a drop down menu with the option to click on "Profile". On the profile page, you will see the option to "Extend your License".

If your school allows you to purchase EHR Tutor directly through our website, you'll see the option to pay for a subscription renewal. If your school requires you to purchase access codes through the bookstore, you'll see the option to enter an access code. To obtain an access code, visit your school's bookstore. 

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    Micaiah Mitchell-Ponce

    I have a question about campus enrollment. I was originally at a different campus first and now I have transferred, will this be an issue with course enrollment? 


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    Daniel Shporin

    It will not be an issue.  Let us know if you need us to make any changes by contacting

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