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Creating Clinical & Care Plan Activities

EHR Tutor can be used to create paperless charting activities for actual clinical experiences. Instructors can review student charting and add comments or grades as soon as students submit work, and students can enter information from any device with internet access during or after clinical visits. 

Keep in mind, activities can only be created  in the Activity Library or within a course. If this is your first time using EHR Tutor and you have not yet created a course, you can view our Instructor Quick Start Guide

Create a Clinical and Care Plan Activity

The basic procedure for creating an activity for a clinical experience is the same procedure as creating an activity for other purposes.  

1. To begin, go to the Courses page by clicking the Courses tab on the left side of the page. For the correct course, click the Go to Course hyperlink.

2. Click the Create New Activity button which will open the edit activity window. 

  1. Enter the information as indicated on this page. For explanations regarding all fields, view our Creating Activities help page. 

  • Activity Type- Select Individual Patient.
  • Activity Name- Enter a name that will help you remember the purpose of the activity (i.e. Clinical week #1)
  • Instructions to Student- Describe what your students are expected to do for this activity. For a clinical experience, the assignment will often direct the student to create a care plan or enter specific documentation for a clinical patient. This is also a good place to indicate any naming conventions you'd like your students to use in lieu of patient names. For example, "Enter the patient name as YOUR last name and the date of the clinical visit". 
  • Visible to Student- If this box is checked the activity will be visible and available to your students when they go to the Course page for the course containing the activity. You can make the activity invisible and unavailable to your students until a later time by unchecking the Visible box by clicking on it. 
    *Notice that you can also make the activity scheduled to be visible at a specific date and time.
  • Due Date- Enter a due date and time for students if applicable.

  • Do not allow student charting after due date- Select this check box if you do not want the students to be able to open the chart after the due date/time. If the instructor wants the students to review and fix their original work the instructor must come back and uncheck this box.
  • Students Create Patient- Select this checkbox to have students create their own patient charts starting with a completely blank electronic health record. Students can then add patient data to the chart they created for their clinical patient, without using the real patient’s name or any other identifiers such as real birthdates or room numbers, hospital, etc.  Students will see a New Patient button when they first open the activity instead of a patient name.

    You can create alternative types of assignments by clicking the checkbox for Inpatient Chart and using the drop down on the far right of this check box field:
  • Add Patient- You do not need to use this button if students create their own chart.
  • Save- Always remember to click Save or your changes will be lost.

Keep in mind that Protected Health Information (PHI) for a real patient should never be entered into an academic EHR!

View Your Activity

Viewing an activity as a student is useful to make sure your activity is set up and working as you intended. For every course that you create, you are automatically added to the course as a student. When you are in student view, you are in fact another student in your own course. Clicking Student View in the top menu lets you see exactly what your students see and do exactly what they can do. From Student View select the correct course and then click the New Patient button beneath the activity name.

The Care Plan

The Care Plan tab in a patient chart gives instructors the ability to capture the care plan and also an area for students to write other clinical objectives such as journaling/reflections, text book references, pathophysiology etc.  

If you need help in meeting your clinical objectives within the EHR Tutor chart, please email and a Trainer will reach out to you. 

Reviewing Clinical Assignments 

Once students submit their work, you will be able to immediately review and grade the activity. For help grading student work, see our grading help page. 


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