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Student User Guide

Students can activate their EHR Tutor accounts by going to and following the on-screen Instructions.

Please see the video below for additional information on creating, accessing, and using EHR Tutor.

The first time you use EHR Tutor, you may want to print our Student Quickstart Guide,



Student Guide Video

Logging and log in with your school provided email address. If you haven’t registered before follow the on-screen instructions to choose your school and create a password. If you think you’ve purchased a license that should still be active you may have registered with a different email address.

CoursesOnce you have logged in, you will see all of the courses in which your teachers have added you as a student on the left side. If you do not see a course you believe you should be enrolled in, contact your instructor. Or, if your instructor gave you a course identifier, use the Add a Course button to enroll yourself.

ActivitiesOnce your courses have been added, you will find Activities for each course. These are weekly or daily assignments from your teachers that must be completed. Just click on your course, then activity, review your teachers' instructions, and open the chart by clicking on your patient’s name. You may even be asked to create your own patient from scratch if you’re using EHR Tutor for clinical rotations. You will be reminded not to use any HIPAA identifiers.

Patient SummaryOnce you’ve opened or created your chart you will find the Patient Summary. At the top, you will find your patient’s name, DOB, attending physician, MRN#, height, and weight. The body of the Patient Summary also includes vital signs, orders, allergies, and lab results if present.

Left-side Navigation: The left-side navigation is going to get you through the whole chart. To become successful with EHR Tutor, you must familiarize yourself with every part of this left-side navigation. This is where we will find our Patient Summary Tab, Patient Info, Results like Labs and Images/Diagnostics, Provider info like Chief Complaint and History, Allergies & Home Medications, Immunizations, Notes, and your Flowsheets including Vital Signs, Assessments, Daily Care, IO, Blood Administration, Behavioral Health, and more. Along with this left-side navigation is also where we will find our MAR, Orders, Patient Education, SBARS, Care Plans, Discharge, and Barcodes.

Chart TypeYou can even change the type of chart by clicking on the blue box at the top left-hand corner. This can change your chart to Outpatient, EMS Run, Home Health Care, or Sports Medicine. Some students think they’ve lost work when they’ve just changed the type of chart.

Doing Work: Most pages of the chart work the same way. Look for a New Entry button or an Add button. Once you’ve used these to open up the chart you can begin to do work. Enter your work or values, and submit your work. You can edit work you’ve saved, scroll from left to right if you have lots of values on one page, or even delete work if you feel you need to try again. You can only edit or delete your own work.

LabsUnder Results / Labs please note that you can enter numbers or words in as values. Your instructors may request to know if lab results are high or low.

AdmissionThe Admission Flowsheet is a long flowsheet that covers a lot of information in different parts of the chart. If you review an allergy on the admission flowsheet that work will also appear under your allergies page or vice versa. The Admission Flowsheet is also where you will find the principal diagnosis or the Admission Diagnosis.

Vital Signs GraphsUnder Vital Signs, if you upload more than one set of data you will be able to see vital signs graphs and trends.

Additional ChartingAdditional charting for OB and Pediatric patients will appear on your chart as long as your patient is the appropriate Age and Sex. If you’re stuck because you can only find pediatric charting for a clinical patient, you may need to edit their birthdate to a more appropriate date. Go to Patient Information on the left side navigation to fix it.

OrdersYou can also sign orders in EHR Tutor! Just go to the Orders page, choose your approving provider, and add your order. If you can’t find the medication you’re looking for, use the word “Other” and describe the medication in your comments below. Once your orders have been added, you can use barcode scanning in the Sim Lab. Scan your manikin’s barcode to go straight to the MAR and scan the patient’s medication to mark it as given, held, refused, etc.

Patient Education LibraryThere’s a great resource on the Patient Education flowsheet where you can find learning materials to print. Take a look at what your patient should know about their medications!

Home Page and SupportTo return to your home page and see all of your courses, click Student at the top of the page. To contact us or find our student tip sheets, click Support. To edit your profile, password, or extend your license, click your name at the top right-hand corner of the page.


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  • 0
    Demo TeacherOne

    Very helpful and informative. Thank you

  • 0
    Patti Wray

    helpful for students with easy to follow, simple instructions. Only complaint is that the sound fades in and out a few times

  • 1
    NIna Aguilar

     I just started using ehrtutor, and i'm in my second week of clinicals, last week i entered one patient and the information needed. Now i'm having problems entering a new patient. I clicked my class tab, then I can see my old patient tab, but there's not "add" option for a new one. Please help

  • 1
    Daniel Shporin

    Hi Nina - your instructor will need to create a new activity for you to create a new patient.  This is nothing something you are able to do yourself.  Please reach out directly to your instructor.

  • 0
    sandra roe

    I am suppose to be correcting an assignment.  In the corrected care plan I am suppose to highlight the corrected parts.  I do not know how to highlight. Can you please HELP?

  • 0
    Daniel Shporin

    Hi Sandra - sections are highlighted automatically based on student charting.  Send us an email if you need additional assistance:

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